X10 PRO Coupler Repeater XPCR

X10 PRO Coupler Repeater XPCR
X10 PRO Coupler Repeater XPCR
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X10 PRO Coupler Repeater
Installs at the electrical panel to couple, amplify and repeat X10 command signals. Recommended in situations where the residence is over 3000 square feet and/or the transformer "feeding " power to the house is over 100' away.

The X10 PRO Smart Coupler/Repeater (XPCR) is designed to couple X10 power line carrier signals between phases in single (split-phase) or three phase installations, while at the same time boosting the original signal and "repeating" it onto all phases.

Note: Installation must be carried out by qualified installers only The main breaker must be turned oft during installation and the coupler must be installed in a suitable workbox or equivalent enclosure. Installation must be carried out in accordance with all applicable codes and requirements, including, but not limited to, the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Installing the coupler

  • Turn off the power at the main breaker panel.
  • Install the Coupler/Repeater into a suitable workbox or equivalent enclosure.
  • Refer to the diagrams above and connect the red lead first and at least one black wire as shown (depending on how many phases you have), using wire nuts. Check that there are no bare wires protruding and cover the wire nuts with insulating tape if necessary.
  • Connect the white wire to the Neutral strap in the breaker panel.
  • Check all wiring and connections, and turn on the main breaker.
  • Test for signal strength on all phases using Test Transmitter and Signal Strength Indicator, XPTT and XPTR.
LED Indication
When a valid X10 Command is received on either phase of the electrical system, The LED on the Coupler/Repeater will flash rapidly three times verifying operation.



Frequency: 390
Programming: Learn Button
Includes: Visor clip, battery, operating manual
Also known as: GRV390

How to program remote controls

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