Linear Supervised, Waterproof 2-Button Wrist-Pendant Transmitter DXS-63

Linear Supervised, Waterproof 2-Button Wrist-Pendant Transmitter DXS-63
Linear Supervised, Waterproof 2-Button Wrist-Pendant Transmitter DXS-63
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The Model DXS-63 Supervised 2-Button, 1-Channel Pendant/Wristband Transmitter is a battery powered, miniature, water-resistant, supervised transmitters designed for use in emergency applications with Linearís DX and DXS Format receivers. The transmitter is supplied with a wristband, a pocket clip, and a Nylon pendant necklace. Pressing buttons on the transmitter sends a digital coded wireless signal to its companion receiver. To insure sending a complete signal, press the transmitter buttons for a minimum of two seconds.

Each DXS transmitter is factory set to a unique code, so no field coding is required. The two-button DXS-63 transmitter sends a signal when both buttons are pressed together. This transmitter can send a signal for up to 30 seconds per activation. The red signal indicator on the transmitter lights and a built-in sounder beeps when the unit is activated.

If status transmissions are enabled, they will be sent every two hours. Some receivers are able to use these signals, others are not.

Every two hours the transmitter tests for a low battery. This test takes place even if status transmissions have not been enabled. If the battery tests low, the transmitter sounder will beep and a low battery signal will be sent.

Each transmitter is sealed to provide water-resistance. The unitís battery is not replaceable. The transmitter should be discarded at the end of its battery life.

General Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1.25 in W x 1.5 in H x 0.375 in D
    (32 x 38 x 10 mm)
  • Power: Lithium battery
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 years of battery life
  • Transmissions: Alarm, Low Battery, Status (if enabled)
  • Channels: Two-button, one-channel, failsafe operation
  • Operating Frequency: 315 MHz


  • DUAL-824 Supervised Wireless/Hardwire Security Panel
  • DXSR-1504 Supervised 4-Channel Receiver
  • DXSR-1508 Supervised 8-Channel Receiver
  • PERS-2400A Personal Emergency Reporting Console, 16 Zone
  • DVS-1200 Supervised Wireless Security Console
  • DVS-2400 Supervised Wireless Security Console



Frequency: 390
Programming: Learn Button
Includes: Visor clip, battery, operating manual
Also known as: GRV390

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