Garage Door Opener Accessories

Welcome to our gate and garage door opener accessories. We carry all available upgrades, special items and accessories made specifically for your gate or garage door opener. We have listed the most popular items below, if you don't see an item you are looking for, please contact us, we'll do our best to locate that part at the lowest possible price.

LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
LiftMaster CPS-RPEN4 Photocell
LiftMaster CPS-OPEN4 Monitored Dual-Sided Photo Eyes
Elite A OMRON 24 Volt Photocell
Linear 212LS: Electronic Access Control Cylindrical Lockset
1200 lbs. Holding Force Gate Magnalock®
LiftMaster 821LM MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller
Residential Push Button ROA MK8050
Genie 37220R Photo Eye Sensors Safe Beam System
Genie 37351R (34299R) GPWC-BX Genie Intellicode Wall Console - Model GPWC-BX
EMX Steel Protective Hood and Housing Kit for Retro-Reflective Photo Sensor - Model EMX-NIR
EMX Reflector-O 3in Round Reflector - Model EMX-3333
LiftMaster 825LM Remove Light Control - Model 825LM
LiftMaster 828LM Internet Gateway MyQ Inteligent Garage Door Opener - Model 828LM
LiftMaster 829LM Garage Door Monitor - Model 829LM
Universal  KRL-1 Garage Door Opener Key Release Lock -Model KRL-1
Universal Model B100 Key Switch - Model B100
Lithium 3 Volt Replacement Garage Door Opener Battery - Model CR2032
Genie GP23A 12 Volt Replacement Garage Door Opener Battery - Model GP23A
Eveready 9 Volt Replacement Garage Door Opener Battery - Model 9VOLT
60W 130 Volt Garage Door Opener Light Bulbs (HEAVY DUTY) - Model 60W-RS
Lubriplate Aero GLU-3 Gate or Garage Door Opener Lubricant - 10 oz. Tube - Model GLU-3
Lubriplate Multi-Purpose Grease for Gate or Garage Door Openers LBR-ST - Model LBR-ST
Sale price: $5.00
Competitor's price: $12.08
Re-Source Re-Store All Purpose Spray Lubricant for Garage Door Openers LBR - Model LBR
SuperSlickStuff Cleaning Lubricant - Model SUPERSLICK
Remocon Frequency Counter - Model FREQCOUNT
Sale price: $59.00
Competitor's price: $75.00
Carstop Precision Laser Parking System - Model CARSTOP
LiftMaster 975LM Laser Garage Parking Assist
Sears Craftsman LiftMaster Chamberlain Plug-in Light and Appliance control (non-Security+)
Digi-Code CR-2149 Universal Safety Beam Sensor Replacement Kit - Model CR-2149
Sale price: $41.95
Competitor's price: $49.99
LiftMaster 915LM Garage Door Monitor Receiver and Transmitter - Model 915LM
Sale price: $29.89
Competitor's price: $35.95
Genie GER-2 Universal Emergency Garage Door Opener Release Ki t- Model GER-2
LiftMaster 995LM Security+ Plug-in Remote Light/Appliance Control  - Model 995LM
LiftMaster 98LM Premium Motion Detector Control Panel - Model 98LM
Sale price: $27.59
Competitor's price: $29.99
SkyLink PS-001 Personal Security Portable Motion Sensor - Model PS-001
Sale price: $29.99
Competitor's price: $34.99
Wireless Doorbell Kit model DB-315
Sale price: $24.50
Competitor's price: $39.00
Wireless Electrical Light & Appliance Remote Control Kit model SW-315
Sale price: $24.95
Competitor's price: $38.75
LiftMaster 85LM Chamberlain 85LM Universal Plug-in 24V Transformer - Model 85LM
Linear 524 24V Universal 2-Wire Transformer - Model TF524
Digi-Code DC5197 110 Volt Adapter Harness - Model DC5197
Digi-Code DC5196 24 Volt Adapter with Push/On Connection  - Model DC5196
Digi-Code DC5166 Coaxial Cable - Model  DC5166
Genie GPS-5 Universal Perfect Stop 34964R - Model GPS-5
Genie 31408C 25" Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Wire - Model 31408C
Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) Loop Wire 500 ft.
Spare Keys1 pair Model 222343 for the AM3PLUS, AE1000Plus or AE2000Plus
BD Loop 8 x 4 foot loop with 60 foot lead-in model EL24-60
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